Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Chepstow Construction is the civil engineering and construction facility owned and managed within Chepstow Plant International. The company undertakes a wide variety of projects nationwide ranging in scope from:

  • Routine and emergency maintenance and improvements to the existing water and sewage network for Utilities companies.
  • General construction works to the building of waste management recycling facilities.
  • Creating low-cost solutions to construction projects as we are able to undertake Design and Build projects via existing relationships with Engineers, Surveyors and Architects.

To ensure the work is carried out to high specifications, Chepstow Construction and Maintenance have invested in the training of staff to relevant standards. For fast paced and complex construction projects, having reliable logistics services is essential for success. We liaise with designers and clients throughout the construction process, thus maintaining effective communication on all aspects of the project specifications.

Civil Engineering projects require a high level of expertise, especially with emergency drainage. At Chepstow we provide a comprehensive range of logistics services for civil engineering projects, from planning and coordination to transportation and installation.

How Do Chepstow Operate?

To guarantee the quality and consistency of any operation, Chepstow Construction and Maintenance will often work closely with Chepstow Plant International to select and apply the necessary equipment for the job. Our team of experiences professionals can take on the most challenging projects, ensuring that all materials and equipment are delivered safely and securely to the right destinations. We understand the importance of time efficiency and cost effectiveness, so we are committed to providing the highest standard.

What Civil Engineering Equipment Does Chepstow Have?

Equipment is normally supplied from the Chepstow Plant International hire fleet; therefore, the equipment is often environmentally friendly, reliable, and up to the standards that many national clients expect. When it comes to emergency drainage, our team is fully equipped to handle the most complex of scenarios. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who are trained to respond quickly to emergency sewer situations. Our engineers are then equipped with this latest technology and techniques to get a project completed with minimal disruption.

Not only does this reinforce the professionalism of Chepstow Construction and Maintenance, but it also provides advantages to the client through maximised utilisation during the project and minimises our impact upon the environment.

What Safety Measures are Taken?

Safety standards are of utmost importance to the company, throughout Chepstow Group of Companies. The rigorous standards set are applied throughout Chepstow Construction and Maintenance and therefore to each project. As an example, the recent Waste Management Recycling Facility was a design and build project which we successfully completed on time and budget with no recorded safety incidents. This project also displayed environmental consideration, as the cladding supplied met the fugitive noise emission targets, high heat loss insulation values as well as having an aesthetic appearance to suit the surroundings.

For discussions around your civil engineering requirements and how Chepstow Plant International can assist, please get in touch today.