Fleet Optimisation

Fleet Optimisation

At the core of EvoFleet’s is its pursuit and delivery of fleet optimisation across all onsite equipment. This predominantly falls into a few key areas:

  1. Optimal fleet pairings and selection
  2. Improved fuel efficiencies and reduced environmental impact
  3. Premium asset availability

Optimal Fleet Pairings and Selection

By selecting EvoFleet, you are choosing to consistently challenge your approach to resource extraction or material handling operations. The ability to deliver the optimal asset for each job, maximises the ability for the site to reduce its fuel burn and subsequent environmental impact. In many situations, sites may be utilising incorrectly sized machines for the application, all of which may incur standing time, unproductive time or excess fuel burn. With the right machine, operating on the right application, customers can achieve a maximum return and a minimum cost per tonne.

Improved Fuel Efficiencies and Reduced Environmental Impact

Within Chepstow Plant and EvoFleet, investment in the fleet means far more than just new machinery; it means investing in a cleaner future. A typical Tier V engine burns approximately 22,500 litres of fuel a year less compared with a Tier IIIB engine, for instance a Volvo A40F versus a Volvo A40G. It only takes to 10 trucks to swap out to be saving close to a quarter of a million litres of fuel a year, just by upgrading dumptrucks to the latest Tier V engines.

Partnering with EvoFleet enables your sites to take full advantage of the latest available engine technology, providing monthly fuel savings, directly affecting site profitability and cash management. The environmental savings progress even further, by Tier V engines producing up to 35% less C02 and CO than Tier IIB engines and up to 87% less NOx. EvoFleet can help unlock the fuel and environmntal benefits across your sites by supplying industry leading branded equipment and the utilisation of new, modern and low-houred equipment.

Premium Asset Availability

For each application or asset category, different manufactuers may be required to achieve the highest output or most economical fuel burn rate. Chepstow Plant’s EvoFleet division is designed to supply best in category assets to meet these production or environmental targets, such as combining Volvo articualted haulers and excavators with Cateprillar bulldozers and Liebherr Wheel Loaders. Combined with low-hour machines and an aggressive asset lifecycle management approach, EvoFleet are able to agree to rigorous availbility clauses, guaranteeing on-site availability for its customers. In the event of a breakdown, EvoFleet are able to utilise the wider Chepstow Plant International contracting fleet to help cover any machines, to minimise site disruption and reduce any lost-time.

To further understand how fleet optimisation can transform your site through optimal fleet pairings, improved fuel efficiencies and improved asset avialability, please get in touch with us today.