Simulator Training

Simulator Training

One of the key training initiatives introduced by Chepstow Plant International recently is the investment into two Advanced Training Simulator, in partnership with Volvo and Oryx Simulations. The first simulator is a dedicated Excavator unit, with the second being a combination unit providing simulator training for articulated dumptrucks and wheel loaders. This allows the flexibility, scalability and necessary resources to train any operators in a safe and controlled environment. With health and safety at the core of Chepstow Plant International’s ethos, this significant investment underlines the company’s unwavering and continual investment to health and safety.

The company is utilising the simulator to remove the initial familiarisation and training on site. Traditionally, excavator training poses substantial risk in a live, working environment, due to the trainer having to be within the working parameters, with communication often proving challenging. This Advanced Excavator Training Simulator is being utilised to remove this risk of operating in a live environment, whilst the initiative is striving to create ‘Zero-Risk’. This in essence will enhance the health and safety training standards which Chepstow Plant International constantly strives for. Other training benefits of the simulator include:

  1. Quick and efficient development
  2. Training unaffected by adverse weather conditions
  3. Reduced environmental impact
  4. Minimising downtime and repair costs

This excavator training facility can either be used to train novice excavator operators or act as a ‘refresher training’ course to ensure continued operator performance. It is within these refresher training sessions that experienced operators can particularly focus on driving in an environmentally friendly manor whilst still maintaining precision and speed to complete the task at hand.

The initiative is striving to create ‘Zero-Risk’.

As one of the few specialist simulator training providers within the United Kingdom, Chepstow Plant International is able to offer training on the simulator alongside the company’s National Training Manager. Importantly, these training simulator systems can be set up on site without further fuel associated costs – both actual and environmentally – and without any lost production by having a truck onsite dedicated to training. The nature of the training systems also allow for classroom style multiple training sessions, providing instant operator feedback addressing productivity or their emissions use. Full details on benefits and programs that the company offers can be discussed further upon application, so please get in touch with us.