Steelworks contract started at Santon!

Chepstow Plant International are pleased to confirm that they have recently secured a long term materials handling project.

Within the Scunthorpe site, there are four iron blast furnaces, which are named after four famous queens and are thus nicknamed the 'four queens'. The names of the four blast furnaces are Mary, Bess, Anne and Victoria. Presently only two furnaces are working – Ann and Victoria. The blast furnaces produce molten iron and as part of the process the furnaces produce a waste product called “slag”. The national contractor running the site has a contract to process both iron and steel slag to produce aggregates. From the iron and steel slag contractor produce single size and blended aggregates that are processed and used predominately in the production of asphalt products.

The two operating blast furnaces, Ann and Victoria, are in production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In producing iron the furnaces cast off a waste product known as a “slag”. Hot slag is cast off from the furnaces into two separate processes, the granulator or the hot slag pits. Approximately 80% of slag from the furnaces is turned into granulate, approximately 550,000 tonnes per annum, as opposed to the remainder 20%, which produces circa 150,000 tonnes of hot slag per annum. The contract is the material handling of approximately 1 to 1.3 million tonnes of material per annum.

Chepstow Plant International have taken delivery of new equipment from Marubeni Komatsu to facilitate this operation, representing a significant investment.

The addition of this project, in conjunction to a similar contract in Teesport secures Chepstow Plant International as a specialist contractor in the steelwork industry.