Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Chepstow Plant International believes that training and development sit at the heart of any successful organisation. The company firmly believes that progression and development arises from having a skilled and dedicated workforce. Therefore, the company is focused and committed to growing the skill base of the employees through using a sustainable, planned and targeted approach.

Headed by the business’ Training Manager, Chepstow Plant International have developed a comprehensive database and process which details the existing skills and development needs of all operator employees within the Chepstow Group of Companies. This is coupled with the ability to deliver most of the training “in house” using qualified assessors, allows the company to deliver the complete training package. Through adopting this approach, the company is able to offer perspective employees a great progressive employment opportunity.

The training process has been built with the client in mind and further ensure that as a business, Chepstow Plant International provide the right people with the right skill sets and competencies whatever the application. Training programs are often bespoke and built around individual development plans, to continually improve all employees. As an industry leader, Chepstow Plant International is also linked with all major industry training bodies such as MPQC and CPCS ensuring that the company is always at the forefront of any qualification or competency development.

The links are further strengthened by the company’s in-house dedicated training department who have written, published and actioned Chepstow Plant’s own accreditations. These have been written where previous guidance has been difficult to find or not as relevant to the quarrying sector. Examples include:

  • Rock Pad training for excavators working on the quarry face
  • Lifting operations with 360 excavators
  • Geotechnical awareness, including excavations and tip rules

This unwavering commitment to training and improving employees ensure that not only can we a business work safely and correctly, but further our workforce to understand concepts such as site geology, geotechnical hazards and failures. These accreditations combine with First Aid, Mineral Sector safety passports and internal familiarisation programs for all plant and equipment categories. Full details on benefits and programs that the company offers can be discussed further upon application, so please get in touch with us.