The quarrying sector forms a major part of Chepstow Plant International’s business. As one of the United Kingdom’s leading mineral and aggregates contractor, it is able to offer extensive experience and knowledge to any type of situation. Presently, the company operates in hard rock quarries, sand and gravel applications, brick making clay units and china and ball clay extraction sites.

Chepstow Plant International operates nationally, with quarrying sites ranging from the South-West and South East England, to South Wales and the Northern Midlands. The company’s operational units are supported by locally and regionally based managers and field service engineers, whilst satellite infrastructure is of paramount importance to record, monitor and distribute data.

Forging and maintaining partnerships are at the core of Chepstow Plant International’s business plan, and it is testament to the fact that the company has operated in some of these quarries for over 20 years. This continuity and longevity has developed the company’s expertise in the most cost effective methods for mineral and aggregate extraction, helping to reduce the unit operational cost.

Chepstow Plant International specialises in several areas of quarrying work, allowing the company to manage an entire quarry and optimise output. Areas include:

  • Overbuden stripping
  • Long-term load and haul
  • Lagoon emptying
  • Stock handling
  • Dredging

The company is flexible in approach to each task, but always commitment to delivery the client’s request. For example, for quarry dredging services, Chepstow Plant can offer long-reach excavators with 16-25m reach, each with bespoke made boom and dippers to optimise the operation. Further time and resources are then invested on relevant safety features and specification to adhere to highest of safety standards.

For discussions around your quarrying requirements and how Chepstow Plant International can assist, please get in touch today.